Contact: Robin Bender, NCS Certified Corporate Consultant


Address: 5-420 Erb Street West, Suite 210
Waterloo, ON N2L 6K6 Canada

Phone: 519-577-4685


Mega Health at Work
At its core, Mega Health At Work is an advocate for healthy organizations. Using a proactive top-down approach, we believe leaders can transform the productivity, overall organizational health, and growth of their business by making wellness contagious.

Mega Health at Work is founded and facilitated by Robin Bender. Based in Waterloo, Ontario Robin’s early experiences in HR roles inspired her to make a change. She experienced a culture where people were focused on treating mental health more than preventing it. As she saw a lot of friction with unions, piling claims, and unfair policies- she decided to help those who needed it the most.

Robin has an innate passion and love for helping others. Paired with her education in Psychology and fieldwork in Human Resources, she blended her experiences to found Mega Health at Work.