We are here to shine light on adversity and nurture seeds of strength and hope.

We understand that mental wellness is a journey influenced by many factors. There is power in safe community, sharing our stories and trusting our subtle instincts.

Mind Ally is cultivating peer-support networks and building diverse and collaborative learning opportunities informed by research and guided by mental illness survivors.


To build peer-support networks and collaborative relationships that inspire and nurture personal purpose with empowering mind, body and spirit pathways for healing and to ensure no one faces their mental wellness journey alone.


We envision a collaborative supportive mental health world that guides people on their journey to mental wellness to fully enjoy and #LiveLoveLife to the fullest extent possible.

Foundational Pillars of Focus

Mind Ally operates under six pillars of effective strategies to connect and help people discover their unique personalized pathway to achieve mental wellness and live purposeful happy, prosperous and productive lives.

1. Team and Volunteers with Mental Health “Lived Experiences”

Our aim is to celebrate and share motivational “lived experiences” stories and videos of our team members and people everywhere who are Survivors of mental illness, addictions and suicide and present inspiring personal testimonials of human resilience and the ability to overcome unfathomable trauma and tragedy that people encounter on their life journey.

2. Programs and Services

Self-care Empowered Journey to Mental Wellness

Mind Ally is all about self-empowerment and helping people do major self-care and take deep committed ownership of their journey through mental illness, trauma, addictions, suicide and other mental health challenges to lead a life of mental wellness..

Workplace Mental Wellness Programs

We believe that people can truly thrive in their workplace environment, whether self-employed or employed, where Mind Ally’s specialized Workplace Mental Wellness Programs become imbedded effectively within their organizational structure to help both employer and employees to create and operate in the best work environment possible.

Mind Body Spirit

Many Mind Ally team and Partner Alliance members have personally discovered the unique power of Spirituality in connecting Mind, Body and Spirit to help overcome serious mental health, addictions and suicide challenges and strive to share this inter-connectedness, our deep inner capacity for self-healing as an important element of holistic well-being

3. Collaborative Partner Alliance Network

Mind Ally will build and share online a vast network of effective Collaborative Partner Alliances comprised of mental wellness practitioners, both mainstream and alternative, particularly those with “lived experiences” who desire to give back to help others on their mental wellness journey.

The online partner connector network will be a key component to successfully helping people discover unique pathways to mental wellness.

4. Members and Volunteer Network

Through Mind Ally’s robust website and partner alliance network, all the people served will be able to join the Mind Ally Member network and also have the opportunity to become volunteers in their respective communities to help serve others and expand the reach to many others facing similar mental health circumstances; ensuring no one ever feels alone in dealing with their mental health challenges.

5. Research and Development

We are striving to better understand mental health challenges and translate this research into practical application. Through independent and collaborative efforts, we will test insights with a goal to advance peoples ability to achieve optimal physical, emotional, spiritual and mental health.

Our research division is in its infancy and we are seeking opportunities to help make a difference.

6. Ocean Healing & Wellness Retreat

Mind Ally will plan and establish a unique Healing & Wellness Retreat located on the Atlantic Ocean shores of Nova Scotia during 2021/2023 to incorporate several Individuals and Collaborative Partner Alliance members to offer a multitude of healing and wellness strategies, modalities and programs.

The Mind Ally Team

Mind Ally is built by people with “lived-experiences” related to mental illness, addictions and suicide.

Navigating and surviving a life with “lived experiences” in dealing with mental health, addictions and suicide challenges have provided us with a unique strength and capacity to give back generously to help others learn to navigate their own mental wellness journey.

We are committed to build and honour this legacy through a peer-support driven staff with a Mind Ally volunteer support team of Collaborative Partner Alliances to attract others with lived-experiences to help achieve our mission.

Ray Folkins | Mind Ally Founder & CEO

Ray Folkins

Founder & CEO

Julie Jenkins Mind Ally Board of Directors

Julie Jenkins

Treasurer, Board Director

Leah Parsons Mind Ally

Leah Parsons

Spiritual Advisor